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Designing a Private Haven

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This master suite provides a refined and orderly retreat from the outside world

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of a home.  But it is usually in your personal chambers where sanctuary from the pressures of everyday live can most readily be found.


A master suite should provide an area where you can decompress from the day just passed, or prepare for the day ahead in luxurious comfort.


Designer Lynn Woodruff worked to produce a suite of rooms consisting of a master bedroom, bathroom and dual walk-in closets, which was traditional, well organized and serene.


The wood used for cabinetry, bathroom vanities and armoires is dark-stained walnut, which acts to connect the rooms and lends them a vintage air.  


The vanities were designed by MA Peterson in a hybrid style which mixed traditional touches such as the crystal handles, with the more contemporary square-fronted doors and detailing.


White Calacutta marble was chosen for the vanity tops to strike a contrast with the dark wood and because of the intrinsic quality of the stone.  The vanities are recessed into arched alcoves to keep the overall space ordered and uncluttered.


Lynn says she strove to create a gender neutral look in the bathroom because it is shared.  


"The vertical, green limestone wall tiles, gray, glass mosaic flooring and square-fronted vanities combint to produce a classic meropolitan style which is neither overtly masculine or feminine," she says.


The bathroom also indulges the homeowners desire to relax together.  The bathtub is large enough for two and fills via a spout fitted in the ceiling.  Leather-bound faucets sit atop a marble surround and walnut paneling.  


Althought the space available would not permit a sauna, the shower oom houses a steam shower.


 -excerpt from Bathroom Trends