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Lynn Peterson

What are the benefits of hiring an Interior Designer?

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Q. What are the benefits of hiring an interior designer?


A. Our homes provide security, respite, and a theater of our own personal style and an ergonomic function that complements our physical bodies and creative souls.


We believe a designer is a critical design component equal to an architect.  As an architect creates the structural elements such as tying in the rooflines of your home, the interior design bridges the architecture to what the eye visually sees as beauty, balance, and harmony.  A designer creates appropriate surfaces and finishes that enhance the intent of the desired architectural design and that are satisfying and harmonious to the client.


Space planning is a key component to the professional designer, interviewing a client with their personal, family and entertaining needs are all part of the understanding the client's intentions of how they want to live in their home and have it function to their specific needs.